Memories: Food, Wine, Parties, Good Times

Mise en Bouteille

Thank you patient Aroma Cucina readers for sticking around
while we packed. It was a wild, wild ride getting our house emptied.  I never want to see another packing
carton again.  We had great help,
thank you Andrew, and met some crazy good people…if you need a fitness trainer
in the Bronx or Brewster NY, I’ll hook you up with Donovan of 6 Elements. That is provided
Donovan has recovered from bench pressing the heaviest desk on earth.  No more will I be texting things like:
“do you want a really large pressure cooker?” to friends.  And said friend, who will remain
nameless, was not man enough to take on this gargantuan pressure cooker! I
don’t blame him; this cooker is big enough to do some serious damage and needs
a dedicated closet to be stored in.


I am a hoarder. No. Let me rephrase that. I WAS a hoarder;
I’m the last one to open my Christmas presents because I love savoring the
anticipation. I put the ‘good stuff’ in a cabinet so it wouldn’t get broken,
and the result was it never got used. We kept some outstanding wines around,
way past their peak, and that was a crime. I threw out precious truffle oil,
that I had hoarded until it was rancid. No more. We’re drinking our old wine,
eating truffle oil on everything and I might start walking around in my old
Armani ball gown. What am I saving it for?


It was emotionally exhausting to close down a house that has
so many good memories, parties that lasted for days with people sleeping in
every nook and cranny and in the tree house and on the back deck. Building the
tree house was a mammoth party all by itself. It still floats on its platform
in the sky.  There were great wild
game dinners, holiday celebrations and quiet dinners by the fire.  The new tenants promise to carry on the
party tradition and we’ve left them some Prosecco to get the ball rolling.


Jeff is already flying back to Montone, ready to get our
orto planted and started for the season. 
I’m emptying the last of the boxes in the loft (I do NOT want to talk
about it!) and then I head out to Portland for the IACP Conference. I can’t
wait to get to Portland…to see family, to hang with friends, to meet
colleagues, to learn, to taste, to have some fun.  So it’s been a wild time, but its great to be back on the

PS We had that '81 Pauillac for our Last Night-Last Supper with seared duck breast and a black cherry sauce…totally, absolutely divine and drunk at precisely the right moment.



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