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High Altitude Chopped

High Atlitude Chopped I’ve got at least 20 years of experience under my belt, or in my ski boots, whatever the case may be, but I still think high altitude cooking is a royal pain. It’s like playing an endless game of Chopped. Fresh food ebbs and flows depending on if anyone has gone down into the valley to shop, or has someone passed along some mountain stash, or is it time to break out the frozen vegetables? If we tap into Kevin’s stash of canned goods, then things are dire.

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Crispy Chicken Paprika and the Kindness of Mountain Friends

There is a mountain tradition, when you leave the mountains, you pass along left over food to who ever comes along and may need it. Our stash pass here at the ‘Bird is a bit more upscale than left over granola or packets of freeze dried cranberries. Friends of ours left this week and passed along the mother lode of goodies: fresh parsley, mint, cilantro, Maytag Blue cheese, steel cut grits, onion, garlic, frozen vegetables and prosciutto.

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Friends and Food Mountain Style

Reporting in from Snowbird Utah where it is a balmy -5F at the base and -15F at the peak. The view hasn’t changed, it’s as beautiful as ever.
And Kevin’s Finnish Cardamon Biscuit is as delicious as ever. I’ve found that if I add extra butter to the slice, it totally offsets the healthy whole flour he added to the recipe.
Last night we ate dinner in Kev’s room, under the photo of his grandmother whose recipe we all enjoy..and I swear she was smiling just a little more knowing that her recipe is being enjoyed far and wide.
It’s good to be back with our Snowbird family.

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Ski Food Survival Stash

Mountain Food I don’t know what you pack when you go skiing, but socks, gloves and hats only come along after we’ve packed the confit and there is still room in the luggage. Let’s just say, If the plane goes down in the mountains, we won’t have to worry about eating our fellow passengers.

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Seeking the Butcher & Discovering the Tri-Tip

  Normally before we head up to the Utah mountains for skiing, I go to the butcher and get a load of meat to bring out here. Skiers eat meat.  Other people pack skis and boots; we pack quail and pork ribs. This year, time got away from me and we came to Snowbird empty…

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