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2014 Food & Beverage Trends & Predictions


Chef Tattoos: In a timesaving move, many restaurants will have on-sight tattooing stations for line cooks.

Sustainability becomes a hot button topic as two chef contenders in the reality show “Last One Standing” shoot each other over the final remaining morel in the state of Oregon.

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Pasta Napoletano, as good as Pizza!

Pizza Napoletano is one of my all time favorites: capers, olives, anchovies, oregano. “It’s salty…but I like it.” (100 bonus points to anyone who knows where that line comes from.)
If it’s a good combination on pizza, it’s going to be great on pasta. And it’s one of those pastas you can make in the time it takes to boil water.

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McNally Magic Strikes Again: Pulino’s Bar-Pizzeria

Psst. We have a connection and we got a table at Pulino’s; the searingly hot, controversial, new Keith McNally pizza joint on the Lower East Side of NYC. We didn’t know about the neighborhood angst, the breathless frenzy, the celeb chef Nate Appleman from San Francisco’s A16 who was arrested for carrying a pocket knife. (??? There has to be more to that story.)Who knew that at the same time Stella was debuting in Philly, Pulino’s was coming to life on the LES. Pizza is HOT!

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What is it about the quest for pizza? It’s a noble journey for a humble food. It’s a never-ending search for crust, tomatoes and the perfect topping. It’s a mystical journey in search of satisfaction and everyone defines satisfaction differently. Ken Starr has absolutely NAILED it with Stella, his new pizza place.

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Thumbs Up from the Pizza Guru

We were nervous. Our reputation was on the line. But, the intrepid Pizza Guru needed to taste the pizza at Triangolo, so we met him at a designated parking lot and set out on our venture to find a truly good pizza. Set deep in the Carpini valley, the mysterious town of Pietralunga seems an…

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The Pizza Chronicles: Pietralunga & TriAngolo

Pizza is just one of those things. It brings out the crazy in people. Whole guide books are devoted to the love of pizza, feuds are started over who makes the best pizza, online food forums like eGullet and Chowhound will argue to the death, and truly crazy people in NYC will pay 5 bucks…

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Wheat in all its glory

Recently I’ve been rolling out a lot of fresh pasta. And baking ovens full of bread. And enjoying pizza with a young friend. And driving by wheat fields that will soon be harvested. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with some flour and water.

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