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Elegantly humble: Celery and Saffron Risotto

Like a marriage between a nobleman and a peasant, elegant saffron marries with the humble celery leaf, creating a bit of risotto magic.
Shall we yank back the misty veils of history, and get real?
I’m standing in our orto where most of the celery had wintered over and is now very robust. Which meant, I better chop some of this down and start using it!

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A Bowl of Soup You Can’t Have

This bowl of soup is why people get on a plane and travel. It can only be served in one place on earth and it tastes of that unique place and time.

You can’t make this soup at home. You can make a variation, but never this soup. In fact, this soup only exists for one day, one batch at a time.

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Kitchen Garden Lunch: Spaghetti Ortolana

Is it any wonder, when the world feels baked to a crisp, why three showers a day might not be enough, and the urge to howl at the full moon seems like a perfectly good idea, that a walk to our garden, and a chat with friends, seems like a mini-vacation after the torrid heat we’ve endured?
We’ve reached the harvesting point where lunch can be made by just visiting the orto, our kitchen garden. It’s so deliciously easy now, to walk over to the garden, with no plan in mind, just a “let’s see what needs to be eaten” attitude.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s orto time! Orto is Italian for a kitchen garden and our garden looks set to keep our kitchens supplied all season long. May the gods of sun and rain smile upon us because we’ve got our pride on the line.

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Orto Lessons Learned

How does your garden grow? It started out as a strange season and it stayed that way. A cold wet spring, followed by a few short weeks of blasting heat, then cool and wet again.
To be honest, I thought it was something we did.

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Foodbuzz 24×24: 25K Umbrian Challenge

Come over for dinner on Saturday night! And so the invite went out for a very local Umbrian feast, hosted by Foodbuzz. Corks popped, pasta was made, meat was grilled and a lot of wine was consumed. You should have been there!

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