Season’s Change

Sunday night a crisp wind blew into the kitchen. Yesterday I saw a definitive signal of approaching autumn when I spotted the first tobacco truck laden with it’s burden of golden green leaves. The market is full of bargains as everyone tries to unload their surplus. The man selling chili peppers was hoping I would be seduced by his come-hither hands on his hips pose.

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Living Local in Puglia

No sooner had the words passed our lips when the Shock and Awe antipasto begins….gorgeous grilled prawns are set down in front of us. As we all start to politely pass the plate around, the stuffed mussels arrive, then the octopus salad, the seppia salad, the raw gamberoni, the incredible stuffed mussels, the mussels in red sauce….and now the waiter is encouraging us to eat faster so he can bring out more plates. We literally had the entire Adriatic in front of us. And it was all fantastic…fresh, clean, amazing, flavorful. By this time, we’re all giddy with abundance when the waitress comes over and asks if we’d like maybe a little pasta to fill out the meal. I confess, I caved and said, NO MORE…but I was outvoted and a double portion of the most fragrant and delicious pasta made with sea urchin sauce comes out. We finished it.

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Market Mojo

Euro 1,50 I may have arrived back in Italy on Monday, but I had to wait until Wednesday’s Market before it felt like I was truly back.

I was looking forward to all things spring at the Umbertide market: fresh fave beans, artichokes, good oranges, getting a big hunk of parmigiano, abundant flowers, radishes, peas, asparagus….and I was not disappointed.
I was, however, disappointed in my marketing skills. It’s an acquired skill to muscle your way up to a crowded vegetable stand, choose your produce and then get to pay for it. The old ladies will either stab you with an elbow, or simply lob their bag over your bag and you go to the back of the crowd, in disgrace.

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10 Things I learned about Portland

The IACP Conference has come to an end. It’s been a wild and crazy and wonderful time. Old friends, new friends, a fine time has been had by me.

So, here in absolutely no order of importance, Ten Things I’ve Learned about Portland.

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HR 875: Food Safety Modernization Bill

If you are concerned that HR 875  could obliterate small farmers, here's your chance to sign a petition that wants to stop the bill in its current form: I took the time to actually read through the bill and I'm worried. Its clearly meant to regulate large industrial food processors but it doesn't make any…

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