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Breaking News about Fruits & Vegetables: Is being healthy good enough?

News Flash: Until fruits and vegetables taste good, and are affordable people won’t eat them.
How do we create the desire in people to eat more vegetables? How do we make vegetables sexy and in demand? Who does PR for the artichoke? Who speaks for the carrot? And silly, childish, cartoon vegetables are not the answer. And neither are shrill spokespeople who intone the wisdom of plant eating from a pillar of self-congratulation.

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Artichoke Festival: Artichoke Pie & Spiced Parmigiana Crisps

Artichoke Pie? Why not! A savory crust tops a pie full of sauteed artichokes, pancetta, garlic, and onions. See, it’s sounding pretty good, isn’t it? You’ll need to make a pie crust, use your usual recipe or make a classic pate brisee type dough. True confession time: I cheat. I can buy very good quality,…

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Artichoke Festival Continues: Fried Baby Artichokes

Baby artichokes aren’t snuffed out before they’ve had a chance at a full life, they’re just the little guys, lower down on the stalk. These babies come into their full flavor potential when they are deep fried, with a tender, light coating, a crunch of salt and a zing of lemon.

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Eating Local and the Mono-Diet

 I’ve identified a problem with the eating local and in-season trend, and I’m calling it the Mono-Diet Phenomena (MDP). It started to dawn on me in the spring when we ate artichokes every single day. At some point, peaches dominated our food intake, later to be replaced by tomatoes, and currently we are eating figs.…

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