Destinations - Opinionated Opinions About Our Favorite Places

Vasto, Abruzzo Italy

A fascinating seaside town on the Adriatic coast.

Barcelona, Spain

A grand city with a coast. A grand city with a culture that seduces. And the vermut isn't bad either.

Madrid, Spain

A big city, but with a terrific vibe. Great food. Art. Literature. Architecture.

Valencia, Spain

Home of paella. A beach city that will capture your heart. Great place for biking.

Pireaus, Greece

Its the jumping off point for all the big ferries to the Greek islands. But its certainly worth a day or two of your time. And you get extra points for every different way you see Pireaus spelled!

Sfinos Island, Greece

Low key island with great food. Bring your hiking shoes.

Paris, France

A city we love, this is just one special quick trip.