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High Altitude Chopped

High Atlitude Chopped I’ve got at least 20 years of experience under my belt, or in my ski boots, whatever the case may be, but I still think high altitude cooking is a royal pain. It’s like playing an endless game of Chopped. Fresh food ebbs and flows depending on if anyone has gone down into the valley to shop, or has someone passed along some mountain stash, or is it time to break out the frozen vegetables? If we tap into Kevin’s stash of canned goods, then things are dire.

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Valentines Day: Massacres, Vinegar & Unsainted Saints

Be my Valentine What do debunked saints, a mob massacre, punch, highballs and vinegar have in common? They’re all part of our Valentine’s day celebration.

What Pope Gelasius I declared in 469AD, namely the honoring of Saint Valentine, who may have been two men, one from Rome and one from Terni, Pope Paul VI took away in 1969 when he removed St. Valentines Day from the Roman Catholic calendar. But that never stopped the steady march of Hallmark and the eating of chocolate and giving of roses.

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Friends and Food Mountain Style

Reporting in from Snowbird Utah where it is a balmy -5F at the base and -15F at the peak. The view hasn’t changed, it’s as beautiful as ever.
And Kevin’s Finnish Cardamon Biscuit is as delicious as ever. I’ve found that if I add extra butter to the slice, it totally offsets the healthy whole flour he added to the recipe.
Last night we ate dinner in Kev’s room, under the photo of his grandmother whose recipe we all enjoy..and I swear she was smiling just a little more knowing that her recipe is being enjoyed far and wide.
It’s good to be back with our Snowbird family.

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What goes on in the kitchen?

It was late into the lunch hour, there was only one or two other tables that still had diners and they were already puffing on their cigarettes, when the gruff, white haired waiter set the platter of grilled sardines in front of me. The gorgeous scent of charred fish skin seduced my palate, the puddle of olive oil invited me to take the first bite. I didn’t know a sardine could taste like that.

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Shout Out to Joe at Gotham Seafood

Woo-hoo!! Thank you Joe! The snow is falling thick and fast but the memories of mussels, tiny Manilla clams and cobia linger on. Umbria may be land locked and meat-centric, but living in the Wasatch mountains of Utah really makes you feel far from the sea and fresh fish; so it’s pretty spectacular when a…

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Raucous Return and a Mountain Morning

We’re high again. No, this is legal; we’re back in the Wasatch Mountains, skiing at Snowbird. It’s good to be back in the mountains, its good to be able to go outside and play for most of the day, and it’s good to see our ski friends again. Life here is akin to living in…

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