A Celebration of Good Things to Come: IACP NYC Conference

It was time to throw a party and a party we did throw!
There is a wild & crazy group working on the IACP Annual Conference and it was about time we did a little celebrating.

A little background: IACP (Intl Assoc of Culinary Professionals) has a conference every year and this time it’s in NYC, so naturally it’s bigger, noisier, splashier, and of course, tres, tres fashionable!

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Where Have We Been Lately?

We went on a ‘dry run’ of one of our optional tours that will be offered during Conference. Escorted by the charming Kian Lam Kho of Red Cook, we fearlessly boarded the No. 7 train to Flushing Queens. He took us to three of his favorite restaurants: a Taiwanese, a Shanghai and a northern Chinese restaurant where we had the most amazing cumin crusted rack of lamb ribs. Cumin lamb ribs are Chinese? I would go back to Flushing in a heartbeat to eat these crispy, crunchy cumin-y ribs!

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Do New Yorkers love to eat and talk about it?

Anyone passionate about food, food blogging, food policy, urban farms, cocktails, wine, Top Chefs? Anyone in NYC? I thought, just maybe, maybe there might be a few of us around.

Here’s the scoop, in case you missed the news: IACP* is having their annual Conference in NYC next year (March 29-Apr 2, 2012). It’s gonna be huge and we need people to get involved. This is your official invite to jump in and contribute.

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Austin is Awesome…It’s a Fellini kind of town

Austin is crazy good place for IACP people to gather! Austin-ites love their town and their food. And it’s no wonder. It’s an easy going, BBQ scented kinda place. The higher the heels, the shorter the skirt. That appears to be the mantra for anyone under 20. And I believe the entire town is under 20. The Hilton Hotel lobby was mobbed at 2:30 in the morning..who mobs a Hilton? Apparently everywhere Austin-ites gather, it’s a party.

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Memorial Day: It’s a Wrap!

First things first, take a moment and give a prayer of thanks to everyone who serves or who has ever served our country. Memorial Day isn’t just about going to the grill, it’s a time to remember those who have protected the United States. We also grilled, made paella and enjoyed our friends & family!

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NYC: Watch Your Back, We Have Competition!

I’m worried about my hometown. Are we New Yorkers resting on our foodie laurels instead of being at the forefront of the culinary movement? Are we becoming a faded rose’? Past our prime? When I tell someone to go to Philly for pizza instead of NY, that’s ominous.
You want examples? Let’s start with coffee. New York NEEDS food carts!

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10 Things I learned about Portland

The IACP Conference has come to an end. It’s been a wild and crazy and wonderful time. Old friends, new friends, a fine time has been had by me.

So, here in absolutely no order of importance, Ten Things I’ve Learned about Portland.

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Memories: Food, Wine, Parties, Good Times

Thank you patient Aroma Cucina readers for sticking around while we packed. It was a wild, wild ride getting our house emptied.  I never want to see another packing carton again.  We had great help, thank you Andrew, and met some crazy good people…if you need a fitness trainer in the Bronx or Brewster NY,…

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