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Sunday’s Spin Class Leads to a Joyous Lunch

Sundays in Italy revolve around lunch. I know. You’re surprised. You thought every day in Italy revolved around meal time. And it’s true, but Sunday lunch is meal obsession on steroids. Yes, Italy is a Catholic country, but the true altar is the dining table.

Our only plan for Sunday, was to have a joyous lunch.

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Creamy Red Onion Soup, Truffles Optional

It’s soup season here in Umbria. Chilly days, wind and rain all mean it’s time to get out the soup pot.
Soup doesn’t have to be a long drawn out, multi-hour event. You can make this creamy red onion soup in about half an hour. That’s about the time it takes for you to realize you are hungry and to have soup in your bowl.

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Dining, NYC Style!

Great. I’ll have the line caught tuna. It is line caught, right?
How do you prepare that?
Sous vide, then finished with a lightly smoked foraged cedar ash char?
But, could you do that with just a half char? I really like just a touch of char on my tuna.
It can be so overpowering.

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Fall Food, Fall Festas, Fall Colors, Fall Leaves

Montone’s Festa del Bosco was a raging success. The people came, they saw, they tasted new wine, new oil, they ate polenta with mushrooms, cracked open steaming hot roasted chestnuts, they drank artisanal beer, they chatted and caught up with friends. And this was just the activity in front of our house.

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Getting ready for Festa del Bosco!

It’s that time again, Festa del Bosco in Montone. A weekend long celebration of all things fall: chestnuts, truffles, mushrooms, fresh olive oil, new wine, cheeses, salumi. Town has been buzzing all week as everyone gets ready for this extravaganza of deliciousness.

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Le Logge Ristorante, Citta di Castello

La Logge is tucked away in the atrium building off the main piazza in Citta di Castello, and they have quietly been developing a fine restaurant. We’ve gone a number of times now and have impressed with their creative menu, execution, presentation and obvious love of what they do.  The three young proprietors have created…

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