When life gives you lemons, make lemon and caviar pasta

Lemon e Uova di Lompo
A lemon sauce filled with zest, a spoon full of uova di lompo (sounds so much nicer than lumpfish eggs, don't you think?), mix it up and you have Tagliatelle con Polka Dots! And polka dots are just so 'in' right now….

Tagliatelle con Polka Dots for 2
Zest of 1/2 large lemon
1 T fresh lemon juice, don't even think about using that plastic lemon juice stuff
3 T grated Parmigiana cheese
2 T heavy cream
1 T for each person of lumpfish caviar

Get your pasta pot filled and set it on to boil. No salt yet.
Zest the lemon and combine with the grated cheese in a stainless steel bowl, whisk in the cream.

When the pasta water is about to boil add a bunch of salt…so salty it tastes like ocean. Cook your pasta. About a minute before its done, set the stainless bowl over the boiling pasta pot and give everything a good stir. Add the lemon juice. You just want all the ingredients to soften and relax, not too much heat.
Drain the pasta, toss in the stainless bowl. Place in a pretty bowl and top with the uova di lompo.

That's it. Tastes like a seaside summer breeze. Try it with a chilled rose wine, and its 'almost' like a taking a little, luxurious vacation.  OK, clearly I'm ready for a little seaside adventure!

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