Do Stuff in Madrid

Walk. Walk a lot. Look up. Marvel at the buildings.

Antigua Casa Crespo

Antigua Casa Crespo, The Espadrille Store: It looked closed forever when we were there, but Google says its still open. Allegedly the oldest espadrille store in Madrid.  **Update: It IS open. Push thru what looks like a window, which is really a door, and you will be inside the shop.

Calle del Divino Pastor, 29, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Desperate Literature: The right kind of book store. Only open on weekends. Will be co-hosting a poetry workshop with the art foundation Civitella Ranieri next year (2019).

Do Stuff in Madrid circulo

Azotea del circulo: its a super groovy rooftop terrace in an art school. There’s a bar. Some reserved seating etc etc. Book your ‘hen party’ now. Worth 4 euros to take the elevator up. Not  sure about the too chic, I just landed in Ibizia vibe.

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