You know your are getting old…


How to know when you are getting old: when you don’t head to your refrigerator to get the weather.
It seems that LG, who makes gorgeous appliances, won an award for their refrigerator that had a Weather & Info TV program built into it.  This year’s model will include some other nifty features like a digital photo album.  I can hear it now, “Mom….did you upload my birthday party pictures to the refrigerator??”  Why does this make me feel like I’m in one of those elevators with a newscreen, you don’t want to watch it, but you can’t pull your eyes away.

I missed out on attending the recent Kitchen/Bath Industry Show and Conference, in Las Vegas, and it seems as if the remote controlled singing bidet wasn’t the only hot product I missed out on.

How about Siemans ventilator hood that doubles as an entertainment center? You load your DVD’s and CD’s into the side of the hood, and voila`, here’s another opportunity to get distracted and burn the hell out of your hand, or slice off a finger! I love a good distraction while I’m cooking. And we all keep our ventilator hoods spic-span sparkling clean, right? A great place to store CD’s is right next to the stove.

Bertazzoni makes ranges that will make you weep with desire they are so gorgeous. They now also come in 8 gorgeous colors: yellow, green, white, red, beige, black, blue and burgundy. Now, come on fellows, who is going to buy beige? I mean really now. Beige?

Now, it wasn’t all silly stuff. Chef Charlie Trotter was demonstrating the latest version of the TurboChef Speedcook that roasts a rack of lamb in five minutes. Miele brought a new version of a rapid cycle dishwasher with specialized racks that will hold a full load of glasses, plates, silverware etc.  Now that is the stuff that my dreams are made of.

But, truth be told, I just want a stove that turns on, all the burners, and heats up quickly; a refrigerator that makes ice and water available in the door, but isn’t always leaking.  I’ll take a self-cleaning ventilator hood over the entertainment center variety, and I’d really like a sink spray that has some guts behind it. Is that too much to ask?

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