Why is this man smiling?

Wait! Don’t look at the pictures yet….let me try to explain.
We did go to the Pietralunga Potato and Truffle festival on Sunday afternoon. It was a lovely fall afternoon, and as we walked up to the piazza, we could hear a band playing “Sannnta Lucia!” People were singing, and we thought, oh, how charming.
When we got up to the piazza, it was the Umbertide band, which is my favorite band. This was the stripped down, marching band group, maybe 10 guys, playing, singing and strolling around thru the festa.
We sat, had a glass of wine, bought a bag of potatoes, and then the drumming started. Loud, Brazilian style drumming; a door opened and three gorgeous women, dressed mostly in feathers popped out and started dancing. The crowd went wild!! They were jaw droppingly naked.  So, they drummed and danced down the street, and eventually made it back into the piazza, where they ran into the Umbertide band. This was no clash of cultures; this was a full on embrace!  The band kept playing Italian standards, the drummers kept playing Brazilian samba, and somehow it all just worked.
Now, wouldn’t you like to have been a fly on the wall at the Pietralunga town meeting, where they decided that almost naked dancing girls was a really good idea for a Sunday afternoon of a potato festival?   ThemysterioustownofPietralunga.


  1. Klary Koopmans on October 8, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    Judith, WOW!! How I wish we could have stayed and gone to the festival with you in mysteriousPietralunga.. for potatoes, truffles, band and Brazilian dancers!

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