We’re baaaaack!

Monday, November 20, 2006City

Well, we knew there would be culture shock. But, Oh Mama! Our spoiled, pristine palates are being assaulted. The abundance of food, the flavor combinations, portion sizes, its all a bit overwhelming.
I went to the market as soon as we got home, and blame it on the jet lag, I walked around with my mouth open. The food categories were so different, so many snacks, everything was blazened with screaming headlines: "Fast!" "Easy!" "No  Trans Fats" "Low Carbs" "Fast!" Easy!" "Ready to Serve" "Organic" "Free Range" "Healthy" "Fast!" Easy!"   Yikes! Everything has been handled or processed in some way. There were bags, and rows of "Baby Spinach", but I wanted "Adult Spinach" and had to rummage around in with the ‘odd greens", like kale.
I ventured out the next day, craving scallops and limes. Good enough, a trip to the fish market and I had some gorgeous scallops in hand. By the time I got to the A&P, I had decided to make scallops in a ginger/lime broth, so I needed a little bit of fish to make the stock. The poor man behind the counter was completely flummoxed by my asking for fish with bones in it. Virtually every fish was filleted! There is flavor in those bones, don’t cut them out!
OK. OK. I need to quit complaining and figure out shopping again.  I know I can do this!
There are plenty, plenty reasons to be happy to be back here, but they seem to have more to do with family and friends than with food. I guess I’ll just have to work a little harder. Friends_1
Here are two very good reasons that we are glad we are back in NY!

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