We’re back!

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Back in the blog world! It was a wild and crazy time filming all those food videos! I’m told that if the crew immediately falls on the dish and eats it, then it must have looked pretty good. I’ll take that as an indication that things went pretty well.
Thanks to everyone who wrote with good wishes for us, it was greatly appreciated. A very special shout out, and thanks on bended knee to S&S for the use of their marvelous kitchen! It had extra special good karma (and a swimming pool right outside which was most welcome when the weather hovered in the high unbearable 90’s.)
 And for everyone who pitched in and tried to find us light bulbs…I’ll love you to the day I die! The mysteries of Italian electricity are far beyond my comprehension…why does a bulb work day after day and then suddenly blow up??
It wasn’t all work, we did spend a few days in Puglia which was a splendid eye opener to the wonders of Gargano region, but more about that another day.
This post is just to say thanks for all the support that came our way and I can’t wait to share some of our finer moments with you. (Like when I cracked the egg and dumped it directly onto the table, completely missing the bowl and then the wind picked up and flour blew into the egg and the whole mess started to attract  bees…..oh yeah, it was some laughs.)
It’s nice to be back.

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