Trip to Milano

This week, we had to take a quick, overnight trip to Milano to take care of a bit of business.  We left Montone in foul, sleety weather, which turned into a full on snowstorm around Bagno di Romagna. And, of course, there was a long detour on the E45 highway that took us up and over a treacherous, snow covered, gorgeous mountain pass. So, it was a long drive to Milano.  Think of it as driving from New York to Vermont, in a snowstorm.

We got our business out of the way, and then had a gorgeous morning and lunch in Milano, all to ourselves. Like two country bumpkins who had forgotten what life in a big city could be like, we wandered around by the Duomo in Milano, doing a little shopping, see the art exhibit inside the cathedral, and of course, having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Girarosto.  Girarosta is a businessman’s lunch place, with waiters in white jackets who’ve all worked there since they were young, and that was a long time ago.  The food is simple, grilled meats and fish, but everything is clean and delicious.  It’s the sort of place where you hope that nothing will ever change, and we’ve been coming there for at least 10 years, and so far, our wish has been granted. 

Milano is a sleek and chic city, where café life is alive and well, and it was a good place to get back in touch with our city skills because tomorrow morning we head back to New York. It seems so strange to be closing up our house, covering up the furniture, saying good byes.  I can’t wait to see family and friends when we get back to the States, and I know we will be back in Montone soon enough, but I also know that I will miss being here. I will miss the morning sounds of the street sweeper who uses a broom made of twigs, the two little boys and their mothers who hurry to school at a few minutes to eight, and of course the bells ringing the hour. Instead we’ll wake up to traffic noises on Broome Street, but I guess that brings life back into balance. At least for us.   So, ciao for now, and wish us a safe journey home.

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