Trader Horn


We are still experimenting with cocktails, and last night we invented the “Trader Horn”, named after the 1931 movie.  It’s a strange film, shot mostly in Africa, it’s a time capsule showing us a world where it was ok to be racist (“Come here you black rogue!), to show native women’s bare bouncing breasts, and a white woman’s tiny little titties, and to really shoot dead a rhino. There are some truly wonderful animal sequences and a barely existent plot.  To make this all enjoyable we drank our Trader Horns, and decided that two horns, was one too many.

This will make 2 cocktails.

3 oz gin
1 oz St. Germaine
1 ½ oz fresh lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
½ oz pomegranate juice
2 sprigs of mint

Muddle the mint, add the other stuff, shake, strain and watch a weird old movie.

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