The To-Do List, and Bonnie Slotnick

We all have them. I have to-do lists with sub-sub categories, from the ‘must do today’ list, to the ‘must do before we leave NY’, to the ‘before I die’ list.
I’m not exactly sure which list Bonnie Slotnick’s Cookbook store was on; the ‘before we leave NY’, or the ‘before I die’ list, but as I was zooming down 10th St. on my bicycle, on my way to the library, there it was!
It’s a tiny, narrow store, with very high ceilings, and the books are stacked from floor to ceiling leaving Ms. Slotnick a small spot for her desk. New, used, archaic, historical, silly, professional, international, memoirs; it’s an eclectic mix of culinary wonderment. Two women walked in while I was there, took a look around and backed out, saying they were overwhelmed. Wimps! Slow down for a moment, and savor what is around you!
I scored a Ken Albala book, “Eating Right in the Renaissance”, for only $20! As someone who has lusted, but cannot afford his books, this is a rare treat.
What took me so long to go there?
Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks
165 W. 10th St.
NY, NY. 10014
Open 1-7 most days.

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  1. Dana McCauley on May 14, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Great recco – I’m printing this post to add to my NYC file. I keep one going all the time so that when I go to big apple I already have a lot of my research done.

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