The $4.00 Radish


I bought a radish that costs $4.00, which just seems absurd.
OK, it was at the farmer’s market, and it was a ‘watermelon’ radish, and the color seduced me; but since I’ve been back in NY, I feel like a kid in a huge candy store. The variety of things you can buy is overwhelming. I’m not up to the point of being numb or able to target my attention, I just keep wandering down aisles where there are things that I have no intention of buying, but I’m fascinated that they exist.

Back to the radish, it was delicious. Cool, crisp, sweet, almost no heat, served with a creamy soy dressing that would accent the sweetness of the radish.

Yesterday I went to Kalustyan’s, the spice emporium on Lexington Ave, and it was like allowing yourself the indulgence to have a good scratch at a long denied itch. I came home with a small bag of goodies, including ghost chilies, for my cousin, that are supposed to be the hottest pepper known to man, some roasted fennel seed because I’m in love with fennel, and that trendiest of ingredients: bee pollen.  Now l have to figure out what to do with my haul.
Happy weekend to everyone!

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