That Japanese Knife

Remember a few Sundays  ago, our friends Andrew and Deborah had given me a Tosagata Hocho knife? Knifeblade

Well, I took the knife to Snowbird with me, that and a paring knife.   I figured that this would be a good test of the knife. Would it be good in a variety of situations, cutting meat? cucumbers? Would it hold its edge? Would it be comfortable in the hand? Would the care of the knife be too much of a pain?

So here’s my product review: It’s a great knife! No problem doing some basic butchering, easy to hold and handle while finely dicing and slicing.  I’m am a little anal about  immediately wiping it clean and drying it. The care instructions suggest oiling it with mineral oil, but I haven’t done that, and there has been no degradation of the blade, or rusting.  And so far, with some pretty heavy use, the blade is still sharp.
All in all, its a great all purpose knife.  Thanks, Andrew!

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