Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions I hope everyone had a very fun and tasty Thanksgiving
weekend. For those of you not in the States: it’s a marvelous holiday that
still hasn’t been overly tarnished by commercialism. Friends and family meet
for a meal, and that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Our Thanksgiving was a happy marathon of seeing family and
friends, drinking amazing wines, preparing and eating some seriously good food.


We try to observe and uphold tradition in our family and two
things that are absolute necessity are  Oysters Rockefeller and toys at the

Thanksgiving Spoons
We’ve progressed from hanging spoons on our noses to blowing
up latex gloves and putting them on our heads, I really don’t know how to
describe the mayhem that was caused by the walnuts with the condoms inside and
there isn’t much that can top the hillbilly fake teeth, although this year’s
fake mustaches and red wax lips were pretty hilarious. Picture a large table of
food, mashed potatoes piled high, sweet potatoes covered in walnuts, juicy
turkey, gravy, ok you get the picture. Everyone comes to the table and
immediately dives for their red wax lips. Paul's 4 Mustaches

Lauren's Lips  


Although to be fair, the other cause of frenzy in our family
is the Oyster Rockefeller feast. My cousin makes THE best oyster Rockefeller in
the universe. Really.

Goes like this:

Procure a lot of oysters.

Wake up early on Turkey Day and scrub a lot of
oysters. This is a labor of love, lots of cold  water and grit.

Assemble shucking team in the basement, near the
woodworking equipment.

     This is an all male team and it was a proud day, a few
years back, when my son made the team.Oyster shuck

Designated Swamp Girl and Cheese Girl must be in

      Swamp is the mixture of chopped spinach, garlic, walnuts and sour
cream that gets  placed in precise amounts on top of the opened oyster.

Girl sprinkles the cheese on top of the swamp and takes   care of oyster baking
tray management.

      Cheese Girl must be young and pretty. Alas, my cheese days are
over and I’m now Swamp Girl.Cheese Girl (1)

Trays of oysters go into the oven until the
oysters are bubbling hot.

Everyone gathers around, burning their fingers
on the shells, and slurping

      down the delicious contents.

Feeding Frenzy Is it true that laughter aids



Hypnotizing Lobsters (1) The Saturday after Thanksgiving is developing into the
Anti-Turkey festival. All the people who couldn’t gather on Thursday gather on
Saturday for a lobster feast. Of course this involves the ritual of hypnotizing
all of the lobsters so that they will be relaxed, happy and tender. This year,
we were also treated to a truly outstanding ceviche, and I vote this gets added
to the annual, traditional Anti-Turkey menu.


All of this is just my way of saying that I’m thankful,
happy and grateful to have my family, to share laughter and to embrace




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