Taking a Moment: K2

Those of you who know us, know that we love the mountains.
We’ve climbed some peaks and had some adventures, we truly love and respect the high mountains.  I’m taking a moment to remember the nine climbers who lost their lives on K2 this week. This is a personal moment, it’s not about food, but about something that makes me tick.

Anyone wishing to read an unfiltered account, can check out Nicholas Rice’s blog.

On a related and equally somber note:  Thomas Friedman’s editorial about weather change is totally on the money. I saw first hand the evaporation of the glaciers of Kilamanjaro. Mr. Rice, in his K2 blog,  talks about rain at 16,000 feet, and that’s unheard of.  I realize these changes mean nothing to my usual day to day routine, but they will mean something and we are fools not to pay attention.  I am ashamed that my generation has so utterly failed at taking care of the planet and it’s inhabitants.

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