Sunday in NYC

What makes for a perfect Sunday in NYC?
Brunch, unexpected friends dropping by, and more friends coming over for dinner.  No hurry, no stress, and a chance to just sit back and see what the day brings.

Living in Italy, you lose the taste for a big breakfast.  Usually its just a cappuccino and a little pastry; something quick and light that holds off the hunger until lunchtime. I need something to eat in the morning or I don’t function, but these days, I don’t crave a big breakfast. Maybe I’m going Italian native?
So, it’s Sunday, I’m in New York, and I wanted to actually feel the NY Times in my hands, not just read it online, I want to scatter sections of the paper all over the loft, and I want ‘brunch’. More than a regular breakfast, I wanted a treat. So we wound up with a little ‘toad in the hole’, and some lovely pastries from a bakery on Sullivan street: foccacia, persimmon spice cake and a delicious fruit galette. Mmmm….indulgence.Sunday_brunch

I read the paper, rolled around with the cat, and was very happy.
Late in the afternoon, old friends came by with their new babies. What fun! While the almost three year old figured out the joys of spraying water around the kitchen, the nearly one year old showed us how she was about to walk. It was an unexpected treat to have them visit.

Then I sat down with my new present. Last night, my dear friends gave me a "Tosagata Hocho Santoku Knife".  Woo-hoo! A new knife. How cool is that??! The only problem is that when I google it up, there is mention of special care for the blade, only the instructions are all in Japanese. Hmmmmm……. How much care could it need?       

Now its time to make dinner, our friends are coming over, and we are all going to l sit together and watch Rome on HBO.  I love watching HBO stuff with a group, that way I have half a chance of figuring out the plot.

All in all, a perfect Sunday in New York, and I even savored the moment! Monday morning will be here soon enough.

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