Still hot.

The heat wave continues, and the Internet refuses to work, so who knows when I’ll be able to post again.  I would also like to refuse to work, and to lie on the cool floor tiles alongside the cats, but that’s not an option for me today
Can you believe its Wednesday again? That it’s market day again? This morning was a very quiet market, I wonder if the heat is keeping people away, or has everyone with any sense just gone to the sea?  We actually had our choice of parking spots this morning, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Those incredible red peppers are back! I’ve asked what their name is, but all I get is a generic ‘pepperoni’ reply. I think they are pimento peppers, they are sweet and oh, so flavorful. The Sicilian guys are the only ones that ever bring them to market. I wish I had a smoker, I can’t even imagine how good they would taste smoked.

There is an older couple that always occupies the space in front of the bank. For years, I’ve been fascinated by her hands, and by his crinkly-faced smile, and by the fact that I’ve never been able to spend more than 3 euros, no matter how much I buy. I’m fairly certain there is no addition involved, but the old man just charges whatever he feels is a fair price.  I’ve often tried to sneak photos of them, not wanting to make them uncomfortable; but today, their crates of zucchini flowers were irresistible.  The next thing I know Jeff is posing next to her, the lady then wants a shot of her and her husband, and I must bring them printed photos next week. Who knew she was such a ham? After the photos, the old man starts filling our bag with peppers that we must eat raw in a salad, and then some onions and then some tomatoes.
So tonight, we will eat a raw pepper salad, and toast our new friends.The_happy_couple

Oh…the internet just came back….must post quickly…(that’s such an oxymoron, here in Italy!).  Well, it failed mid-post, so I’ll try again….

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