Spirito Divino: Montefalco

Entrance to Spirito Divino

Lest you worry that we got back into my little car and drove back to Montone after the wine tasting, rest assured, we did not!  We booked a room at a most inviting B&B, ristorante, and enoteca: Sprito Divino on Piazza Mustafa in Montefalco.
A couple of years ago we walked by Spirito Divino, with its black umbrellas and chic little tables outside and it just spoke to us.  It’s a refreshing blend of old and traditional mixed with quirky and sophisticated.  The little interior dining room has an ancient wooden ceiling with prosciuttos hanging like grapes from huge old beams, there are fantastic black and white photos on the wall and just an overall cool, good vibe. We often thought it would be a great place to spend the night, and now was our chance.   There are only three rooms, A, B or C. We stayed in B and were very happy in our comfy room overlooking the main thoroughfare of Montefalco.
Dining Room Spirito Divino

This wine festival is serious business! I haven’t seen so many men in suits since lunch in Milano in the mid-1990’s.  I was starting to worry that we were under dressed for the tasting event, but usually we clean up pretty good and I think we were acceptable.

Prosciutto and vino

Dinner at Spirito Divino was a treat.  I had a luscious papa al pomodoro (think of a very, very thick fresh tomato soup) with a delicious ricotta quenelle and then we shared a perfectly done steak. After drinking all that Sagrantino, a bit of protein was required eating.  There was a large table of men on the far side of the dining area, having lots of fun, drinking lots of wine, and it turns out it was the whole gang from Caprai.  Unfortunately due to another commitment we had to miss the delicious sounding Sangrantino wine tasting dinner that was being held on Friday night.

Breakfast at Spirito Divino
We woke up to drizzly rain, fog, followed by a steady downpour, so a cozy breakfast of house made pastries and cookies really hit the spot.  Surrounded by all those wine bottles, being offered another steaming cappuccino, it was a hard thing to get up and out and face the world. Thank you everyone at Spirito Divino for a very gracious and delicious time. Speriamo vederci ancora a presto!
Spirito Divino
Pizza Mustafa, 2
Tel: Tel. 0742.379048

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