Raucous Return and a Mountain Morning

Mountain Morning
We’re high again. No, this is legal; we’re back in the Wasatch Mountains, skiing at Snowbird. It’s good to be back in the mountains, its good to be able to go outside and play for most of the day, and it’s good to see our ski friends again. Life here is akin to living in a college dorm, some doors in the hall are open, some shut, we can wander around in our long underwear and no one notices, shoes are optional.  The first week in February is the “Owners Weekend” for those of us lucky enough to own a condo at the Lodge, and as the owners all arrive it resembles the beginning of a semester, with hugs, kisses and greetings all around.

Within moments of arriving on Saturday afternoon we had an invite to our friend Kevin’s for dinner. Score! I was functioning on virtually no sleep so the thought of wielding knives and readjusting to the intricacies of altitude cooking was about on par with a root canal.  We had a very delicious and festive dinner that night; Kevin made a roasted turkey breast stuffed with fresh mango.  What a delicious way to infuse moisture and a delicate fruitiness to the meat; I’m thinking it would work very well with roast pork.  Anyone with some mangoes around, please experiment and report back.

Last night we did what almost every American did: we watched the Super Bowl with friends. What a game! What a finish! Is that what you callit when the guy  catches the ball at the very last moment and wins the game? OK, so watching sports isn’t something I do everyday but it was still fun.   No chips and dips for us though, we dine well here in the mountains.

And now I’ve had my Monday morning cappuccino and its time to go out and do some skiing. Happy Monday indeed!


  1. Dana McCauley on February 2, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Wow – that’s some view! Have a great time.

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