Pooled Resources


My apologies for not blogging more consistently this month, but it occurred to me as I was walking over to the Plaza and the tram that I am thoroughly enjoying being in this snow covered cocoon.  All life rhythms are dictated by the weather, you get up early when it’s been storming and there is powder; you lay in bed a little later and nurse sore muscles on a sunny day. Then you suit up, go out and play in the snow until your legs won’t hold you up, stagger home again, maybe a swim in the pool, and then it’s dinnertime.  Most nights I make dinner for anywhere between 3 and 7 people, and that is an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness.
Last night we invented ‘coslemos’.  Our Australian neighbors left us some cranberry juice; we had lemons, gin, vodka, cointreau, and bitters. So, the first attempt was a cosmo with lemon juice, but the much improved second attempt was a cranberry juice, lemon juice, gin, Cointreau and a dash of orange bitters concoction.

There is a tradition in the mountains where if you are finished with your climb or whatever you are doing and you have left over food, you leave food behind for others. Same deal here, an apple from Richard, almonds and chocolates from Tom, and a lovely mini bouquet of purple basil and dill from Kevin’s Aero garden all contributed to last night’s roast pork dinner. Eye_of_the_needle

Tonight it’s going to be roast quail, so I better quit fooling around on the computer and get the birdies into a brine and then get myself back out onto the mountain. It’s a fine, simple world up here and I’ll be sad on Friday when it’s time to come back to sea level and rejoin the rest of the world. 

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