Piatto Unico

As a general rule, Italians don’t like their food categories to touch. Vegetables are served on a separate plate; the meat stands all alone on its own plate.  But, then there is the piatto unico classification, or one-plate dinners, or lunch, as it was  in our case.
A thinly sliced layer of new potatoes was roasted along with fresh sausage from a butcher in Montepulciano. Please, don’t anyone tell Guido that I bought sausage from someone else!
After everything was roasted, I quickly fried up some of those little sweet peppers known as ‘friggerelle’ and some chopped tomatoes. The end result was a dish that had many different flavor components and textures.  But, I’m still wondering if my Italian neighbors would approve of this piatto unico! Piatta_unica

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