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This is a public service announcement and breaks all rules of Italian event publicity.
Italian rule #456/section ‘a1’ formally states: “All billboards and publicity for local events should not be posted until the last possible moment and should not include ALL of the following: time, date, location, or event description. It is up to the event organizer to choose which detail is to be omitted and what will cause the most confusion in the general populace.”

This rule has apparently been on the books since the mid-14th century as it is observed without question.

So, just between us, here are some fun events in the area.

June 20 at 6:00 pm is the official inauguration of the Hotel Fortebraccio in Montone. That’s when the whole town comes to see our newly renovated Hotel Fortebraccio. Although people either love or hate the orange color of the façade (I love it), everyone in town is wishing them well as it has been a long haul to get the place up and running.

June 18-21 is the Calzolara Sagra de Pesce, or Fish Festival. No one really knows why a completely land locked little town throws a fish festival, but it is amazingly good and well organized. Saturday night there is music and dancing. Orata

Chianina  June 20-21 is a Chianina festival in Pietralunga. Chianina is the fantastic beef of choice for a grilled ‘bistecca’ or steak. Info is a little sketchy but I think you need to make a reservation at one of the restaurants in Pietralunga.  If this is the festival we went to last year, there is music and dancing and big tattooed guys doing the two-step. Not to be missed.

July 4-5, Festa della Luce in Montone. The “Luccenese” or “Light People” are coming back for the 2nd annual event. As with last year’s event there is absolutely no way of knowing what will happen when or where, but it was pretty cool to stumble upon these wonderful light shows and events.

July 8-12 Umbria Film Festival in Montone. This is the event’s 13th year and it is a wonderful thing to be able to sit in our little piazza and watch films under the stars and with all of our neighbors. Films start when it gets dark, so figure around 9:00. If you come late, bring your own chair!

Now in keeping with Italian tradition, don’t tell anyone, ok?

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