Monday, Montone Weather Report: Taboulleh Salad

'bouli season As part of my ongoing public service weather announcements, I declare it taboulleh season. There are more recipes for taboulleh than there are stars in the sky and just about as many ways to spell it. Here's my recipe for a most refreshing, clean, and maybe even healthy summer salad.

Soak some bulghar wheat (yeah, its spelled 12 different ways as well) in cold water, for perhaps 15 minutes until its soft, then drain and set aside.

Round up every fresh herb you can find, but be sure you have plenty of mint. Chop finely… really fine…no bigger than the grains of the bulgar.

Finely chop some cucumber, radish, spring onions, tomato and whatever else is fresh and crunchy.

Toss everything in a bowl.
Add olive oil, salt and fresh lemon juice to taste.

This was known as 'bouley salad around our house when our son was little and we always packed some in the picnic basket that went to the lake.  All trips to the lake involved swimming and feasting on bouley salad… so let the season begin!

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