Mighty Marcia di Montone

And to whom shall we turn to for news of Montone while we are away? That would be the Mighty Marcia di Montone!
Marcia is having the adventure of a lifetime: she lives in Portland, Oregon, but has decided that she will live in Montone for 6 months; from November to March.  She closed up her life States side, left her cat with a friend and moved into our little village without knowing a soul. That’s not quite true, Jody and Tom, the owners of her house were here to meet her and introduce her around, and I had met Marcia through my blog.  So armed with determination, a spirit of adventure and the ability to speak Italian, she’ll spend a quiet winter in our little village.
Marcia’s adventure started off with some high drama when she took a terrible fall on the street during Festa del Bosco, and broke her arm, very badly, un brutta fractura.  She had to spend five very long and unpleasant days in the hospital before we were finally able to spring her from that horrible confinement.  Now Marcia is walking around with a large cast on her right hand, and is figuring out how to do everything with her left hand. For five minutes, try using just your left hand.  I can’t last more than two minutes without getting very frustrated.  However, Mighty Marica di Montone, is taking this all in stride, with a dash of humor and making the best of it.
Marcia came with us for our farewell pizza dinner in Trestina (Yes, for those Montonese among us who crave good pizza, there are 2 good places in Trestina!  And if you offer to buy us a glass of wine to drink with the pizza, we will divulge the whereabouts of these hidden gems.  The quest for good pizza in Umbria is elusive: a place will be good for a short while and then it’s not. Bummer.)  So, am I ready for the noise and bustle of New York City? I think so.  We played a game at dinner last night and tried to come up  with some food that we missed from the US, and I have to say it was a very short list. I know I want some Indian, Chinese, Thai and Viet Namese food, but I can’t say there was anything that I was craving while we were in Italy. So we raise our glasses and drink a toast to Marcia and to our return to New York.

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