Market Wednesday

We have two Dutch friends staying with us this week, and Klary, who has a beautiful blog of her own (in Dutch) made this observation this morning: “Markets in Holland are about getting what you need and moving on; this market is a social event.”   I know it is, but it made me think about the NYC Greenmarket, that’s also a get what you need and go market. So why is the Umbertide market such a social event? Maybe it’s because we are a small, agricultural area, and this is the only consistent chance for people to meet and chat. I know Lino, my 85 year old gardener friend that I have a crush on, he goes just to chat. He was looking pretty cute this morning on his motorino, wearing a bright orange helmut!
So, enjoy some photos from the Umbertide market this morning. I did get to buy some goodies, the clementines are just starting to come in from Sicily; along with chatting with some friends.

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