Market Day

Today’s market was very social. We usually head right to Bar Mary for coffee and a cornetto, and this morning was no different.  It’s a small town, so as you sit, people you know stop by and have a coffee along with you.  It’s a great way to start the day.   
Peaches are coming in from the south of Italy. I bought some today, but haven’t tasted them yet.  I know I should hold out for the orchard down below us, but I couldn’t wait! Frigerelle peppers were looking really good…those are on of my favorites. Just fry them, add a little salt and they so tasty.
I bought one of the ugliest fish today, a scorfono, and it will be the last time. We ate it for lunch, but only because we were hungry. It’s a stinky fish!
But, I have lots of good things to choose from for dinner tonight, so no harm done in trying something new.

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