Making Lists

Two more weeks before we leave for Italy, and I’ve been mentally making lists of all the things that I’ll be missing, stockpiling memories of sights, sounds and smells. No, I’m not going to make any list about family and friends, or I’ll just be too sad. 

Things to be eaten:Cherries

Grilled steak
Breakfast (the eggs and buttered rye toast kind of breakfast)
Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, limes
Soft Shell Crabs
Steamed Lobster
Viet Namese, Thai, Indian food
That blue cheese that I get at the farmer’s market
Mojitos (no limes in Umbria)

Things that won’t be eaten but will be missed:
Sweet Corn!!! I haven’t had sweet corn in 2 years! 
Donut peaches

Sounds and sights to be savored: Rustycat

Screen door slamming
Sunlight glistening on the lake
The intense greenness of our front patio
The intense luxury of a nap on the back porch
The buzzer sound when the clothes dryer is finished
Tiki torches
Watching people buy hanging baskets of flowers, it’s all about instant gratification and the promise of long summer days
Backyard BBQ’s with the neighbors
American flags flying on Memorial Day

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