Little things

IKnife_rackt’s the little things in life.  I finally have my knife rack up at my little workstation! Clutter is the absolute enemy when you are trying to get a load of meals out, and being able to throw my knives up on the wall has been such a delight. And even the little spoons stick…it’s just great!
We were incredibly busy yesterday…just huge parties…a table of 14, a table of 8, a table of 7.etc.  Which is wonderful, but stressful, as we are a small restaurant.   After finishing up, at around midnight, Claudio made us some big old sandwiches, and we sat outside, under the nearly full moon and drank wine from real glasses. It was pure heaven. (Normally, we drink wine out of these little white plastic cups that were left over from the old Erba Luna bar.  They are exactly like the little white cups they use to hand out medicine in the hospital. Not exactly conducive to savoring the wine, if you know what I mean.)Full_moon

Right now, I’ve got a purring pussycat sitting in my lap, while I type away. And I’m taking a moment to savor the little things in life.

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