Leaders of the Free World

Just in case you were resting easy, thinking that the leaders of the free world have a grip on global issues like rising food prices, climate change etc.; take a look at this BBC new article.

Seems all of our problems can be solved by good meal planning and food storage. If we don’t waste food, the price of corn will come down and then we will have cheap ethanol and corn syrup. So, march to the fridge, do your patriotic duty, and eat those leftovers.

See, aren’t you feeling better?

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  1. Rachel Laudan on July 7, 2008 at 7:03 am

    Hi Judith, Waste is quite the topic now,isn’t it. On another list, there’s a lively discussion of freegans, those who troll dumpsters for food that’s been discarded.

    So easy to solve world problems!


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