Just 4 reasons why I Love Italy

1) Umbria has gorgeous, dramatic fog and mist and last night’s mellow sunset with wisps of clouds was melancholy and romantic all at the same time. 

2) Beans. Italy has great dried beans. I adore Zolfino beans, but last night our beans were from Purgatory and no, they did not cause any unnatural disturbances that would cause one bed partner to sleep in purgatory (i.e. the guest bedroom).  Served with a basil puree that had a touch of garlic, some olive oil and seasoned salt.

3) Bonus prize inside the pepper! OK, that could happen anywhere, but it happened to me last night, so it counts. We had that all carved up with a little anchovy dressing.

4) Which brings me to the jar of anchovies. The are CHEAP here. In the States I’d need a mortgage for that jar of anchovies.

I’m sure that are other reasons to love Italy, but those are mine for today. Happy Monday.


  1. mitch on June 2, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Go ahead. Make me jealous. How much was that jar?

    (Of course, I can get Luxardo Maraschino AND Carpano Antica, and you can’t!)

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