Happy Holidays!

Like herding cats.
Like chasing balls of mercury.
Like looking in a fractured mirror.

My Christmas holiday is usually this delicious, chaotic orgy of family. We are all far flung, the kids are grown and even one of them is married (!!), and we all had separate roads to follow this year.
So, we filled our holiday with friends, and it was lovely. Not the same, but lovely and fun and satisfying all the same. However, next year, “I want my family around me at a time like this.” as Cher says in Moondance.

To everyone who visits Aroma Cucina, thank you for visiting and I hope your holidays are merry and filled with good food, wine and laughter!

OK…enough sentiment. Sniff…sniff. Fingered_citron

Jeff HAD to buy this at Fairway when we were doing the big grocery shop. The sign said it was a fingered citron. Anybody know what the heck you are supposed to do with it?? We cut off snips of the ‘fingers’ and dropped them in our glasses of Ramazotti at the end of the meal.  A very Addams Family touch, but quite tasty.


  1. Swisskaese on December 29, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    This fruit is also called Buddha’s Hand and you can slice it and put it on fish or in salads, but the it is mostly used to make candied citron.

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