Good Dumpling House

One of the benefits of living downtown is our proximity to Chinatown, where it is easy to find good eats.  I don’t normally write about restaurants, but our local go-to lunch place, the Good Dumpling House is an exception.  It’s a trifecta: quick, inexpensive and delicious. 
We went in the other day for some of those steamed pork and chive dumplings and I happened to have my camera in hand. Our waiter/cook friend, depending on the day, he can either be chopping away in his chef attire or else he is nattily dressed as the head waiter, saw my camera and realized this was a chance for a little publicity.
The Good Dumpling House is a very modest establishment, but they truly care about their dumplings and the astonishing amount of foot traffic they get is testimony to the quality of their dumplings. And their shark fin soup isn’t bad either!

Good Dumpling House, 214 Grand St. Chinatown, NYC

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