Fish Festa

Well, it was a Herculean task, but we managed to cook and eat all that phenomenal fish!
Here’s how it went down:
Thursday night was a crawfish and mussel stew with a little chorizo thrown in for atmosphere.

Friday night was a huge send off dinner for our friends Bob and Joyce who were leaving Snowbird in the morning. We went through the 10 pounds of mussels, in a spicy red tomato sauce, and the cod was roasted in a salt crust producing the silkiest soft fish. I’ll post the recipe in a bit, but this is an excellent way to conserve and concentrate all the goodness of a fresh, whole fish.  We debated what other fish this could work with, and we all want to know if it would work with a whole salmon, so if anyone experiments, let us know!

By Saturday, we started to slow down, but I attribute that to the
fact that we were all starting to sprout some gills.  I served the
bronzini fish, cut up as small steaks and used an old Italian recipe
from the Friuli-Venezi Giulia region of Italy.  Legend has it that the
recipe was created on board a fishing vessel and the chef burnt the
garlic while making it. It’s a very simple recipe where you coat the
fish in a light mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Heat some olive oil
and burn a few garlic cloves in it, remove the cloves, sauté the fish
on both sides and then let simmer for about 5-10 minutes in some strong
fish stock. The result is a rich and luxurious fish without a lot of
added fat.

On Sunday, there was still an octopus to be eaten. By this time, we
were all spending more and more time in the pool, getting used to our
new gills.  There was something very strange about having a large
octopus in the mountains, so it seemed like a perfectly good idea to
dangle it in front of Steve’s window. You should have seen the looks on
the faces of the people in the pool!  This lovely octopus was taken
apart and made into a simple ragu over pasta. Not a bad way to finish
off our First Ever Fish Festa!
Thanks again to Joe at Gotham…that had to be one of the most beautiful black cods that I have ever seen or tasted.

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