Festa in Umbertide

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Umbertide had their festival on Saturday, and we had a glorious afternoon break so we took advantage of it! Put the roof of the car down and enjoyed all of that last summer sunshine. I don’t know why, but I love this festa, or fierie. It’s really just a big open-air market, with local suppliers like our cheese making friends and the regular guys who do the market circuit. I have a particular fondness for the man who sells those silicon-baking molds; I don’t know why but I feel the compulsion to collect every shape and size of those molds. They’re really fun to work with and you never know when you might want to make a fluted pyramid custard.
At one point, we parked ourselves on the corner, with a glass of wine, and watched the world of Umbertide walk by. And what a world! Don’t you think that red dress is just looking for a place to go? It looked so forlorn, so much like it missed its old owner and just wanted to go dancing again.

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