Festa del Bosco in Montone, 2008

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It's nearly Festa del Bosco time in Montone. This weekend is our annual celebration of everything that comes from the woods or in Italian, the bosco.  No, we are not celebrating that chocolate gunk that you put in milk, do they still even make Bosco chocolate syrup?
We're all hoping for porcini and truffles and all things funghi, but it doesn't look like the weather is cooperating. We need rain!  We've had bits of fog, a little shower here and there, but we really need a good soaker.  We need you to do a little rain dance, ok? Thanks.
The other good things that I'm looking forward:
lots of great cheese and salumi
roasted chestnuts that you drink with that fresh young wine caniaolo
cachi, those soft pudding like persimmons
yellow pomegrantes
local honey
fresh juniper berries
having the whole town smell like roasting meat
and who knows what else?

Everybody loves the Festa del Bosco, it's only a weekend long and you spend all weekend nibbling on all sorts of good things. What's not to like?


  1. Scott on October 29, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    Bosco is indeed still around: http://www.boscoworld.com

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