Farmer’s Market: What does 10 euro/dollars buy?

A blog post from la bella ragzza Lauren who just moved to San Francisco  got me thinking:  how much will 10 euros or 10 dollars buy at a farmer’s market? I’m equating euros and dollars because this is about local purchasing power and not currency exchange rates.
What does 10 dollars buy in NYC, in Portland, in France, in Amsterdam,  in Mexico, in Canada, in Korea, in Israel?

Next time you go to the farmer’s market, keep tabs and let me know what 10 of your currency buys.  This is a completely random survey but I think it should be interesting to compare.

I didn’t spend 10 euros this morning; my total came to 8.70 euros. 4 euros bought chili peppers, a cucumber, pears and oranges.  2.70 bought tomatoes and zucchini and one euro bought some more chili peppers, and a honkin’ big onion. The adorable boy vegetable seller threw in those two little tomatoes for free.

Just for  fun, I set up a Flickr group, and if you have some photos of your market haul, please share them.


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