Events: NYC, New Orleans, Montone


I’m still catching up on e-mails, but these two events caught my eye:

In NYC: The 2nd Annual Food Film Festival is going on now at Water Taxi Beach. Sounds like fun to me.

In New Orleans: At SoFab (Southern Food & Beverage Museum) a theatrical dinner presentation on the Art of Tasting, given by Jacques Puisais.   A theatrical dinner presentation? Oh, those wacky Frenchmen!

Here in Montone, we had a motorcycle rally blow through town. It seemed to be better organized than last year when whomever was responsible for the route had everyone barrel down via Garibaldi, which leads to a long flight of steps. It was pretty comical to see about 100 motorcycles come to a screeching halt. Fortunately the street is too short for anyone to have injured themselves, so it was all in good fun.

Now if we could just have a few days of sun, everyone would be sooo much happier.

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