Eggs for dinner?


Sometimes meat is just too heavy at night. I’m not sure if it’s all the press about eating less meat that has gotten to me, or if it’s spending time in Italy, but I just can’t eat as much meat as I used to. So, standing at a nearly empty fridge (that’s part of my New Years resolution, not to fill up the fridge with nonsense that you throw out when it becomes a science experiment), I’m hungry, it’s dinnertime and I don’t know what I feel like making or eating. Sound familiar??

Most of the time I have eggs and onions around, so here’s an easy, eggy, dinner dish:

Finely chop up half an onion and sauté in a bit of olive oil. If you have some around, add a tablespoon of veal demi-glace. It’s a super reduced veal stock that can add flavor and depth to any dish. Michael Ruhlman swears by it in his new book, "The Elements of Cooking" and contrary to the debate on eGullet, nothing else takes the place of veal demi-glace. Either you have it on hand, or you don’t and the world doesn’t end whether you do or don’t; it just makes your onions taste a bit richer and fuller.   
Break 2 eggs each into a bowl and whisk them with some salt and pepper until they are nice and foamy. When the onions are all soft and melting, try not to brown them, then whisk into the egg mixture. Pour the egg and onions into individual serving dishes, and bake at 350F until the eggs have set, about 10-15 minutes.  Finish with a splash of balsamic vinegar across the top and serve with a salad and a light white or rose wine, maybe some cheese, or salami, and a couple of olives.

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