Christmas Eve Menu

Amuse Trio: Alici Bianchi Marinata, Patata con caviar, Gamberetti Rossi con salsa di zenzero
                  Marinated White Anchovy, Caviar Stuffed Potato, Red Shrimp with Ginger sauce
Antipasto: Melanzanie Arrosto con Salsa Verde e Salsa Rosso
                Roasted Eggplant with a green (basil, parsley, caper, raisin) sauce and a red sauce (tomato chili)

Primi:  Agnolotti di Plin in Brodo
          Small ravioli filled with parmigiano, walnuts, orange peel and nutmeg in a walnut broth

Secondi e contorni:  Pork roasted with fennel and herbs and finished with pomegranate
                              Maiale Arrosto con finocchio e melo grano
                              Patate Arrosto     Roast Potato
                              Rape di Sedano   Pureed Celery Root
                              Zucchini Arrosto   Roasted Zucchini
                              Fagiolini              Flat beans

                              Insalata Verde      Green Salad

Dolce:                    Grappa Parfait

Thank you Curtis for taking the photos!

Revelation #1: I think in Italian when I create a menu. It’s not intentional; it just seems more natural. I think that’s funny for an American girl.
Revelation #2: Let those potato skins get good and crispy before you add the potato, caviar mix
Revelation #3: The walnut soup is a variation on a traditional Sephardic Passover soup and it shouldn’t only be made at Passover.
Revelation #4: Roasting meat and finishing with pomegranate is divine. The tartness of the fruit cuts the richness of the meat.
Revelation #5: Fennel pollen is under rated.

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  1. Swisskaese on December 29, 2008 at 9:30 am

    I have never heard of a Sephardic walnut Passover soup. It sounds very interesting, do you have a recipe? I would love to try it. I have heard of a an Italian cream of walnut soup from Piedmonte.

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