Buon Viaggio RSU Students!!

The RSU art students at our door! For the past few weeks there have been art students sprawled around town painting the sights. Vibrant young people sitting on the steps eyeing up our ancient walls, absorbing the Umbrian landscape, perhaps stealing a kiss on a quiet street, it’s a pleasure to have this life and energy in town.

Thursday evening was the opening of the Rogers State University gallery show that featured their work in a number of mediums and I say “Bravi!” to all of these hard working students.

We were lucky to have them come and visit us for dinner the other night and it felt so good to have a table full of youth and creativity in our house. 

Ready Our original plan was to have a spicy, hot and sexy Palermo inspired dinner, but word came back to us that they were craving some American style food, so it was tortilla chips and salsa, which finding chips and locating cilantro in Umbria is no easy task, BBQ chicken and Umbrian sausage and the now famous Mitch’s brownie recipe served warm with vanilla ice cream and a lot of laughter. The ragazzi spent the evening chatting, laughing, sipping, eating, and drawing away on the tablecloth. What a marvelous way to celebrate their time in Montone! Mitch's brownie recipe

In this season of graduations, it is tempting to just wish them well, to congratulate the graduates as if some door has been closed and now its time to move on, when in fact graduations lead you to other doors and paths. I never want to stop learning or reaching for something new. I want to climb more mountains, master the Italian language, think about mundane things like a new way to slice a cucumber (don’t laugh, I bet you cut your cucumbers the same way every time without a thought, well give it some thought and shake things up), I want to ponder the strange mysteries of Kundalini yoga. I need to get a still to play with and I have a zillion other experiments I want to try in my kitchen. I’d also like to bend time so that I have all the time I want for these adventures, but I could use a little help on that objective.

Late night scribbles  So what I’m saying to our artist friends from RSU, is that we’re glad you stopped by and shared an evening with us, I’m excited by your work and look forward to seeing where it will take you. Please stay in touch and let me know where life is leading you!

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