Brewer’s Plate, Fishtown Style


Fishtown  is a great old neighborhood in Philadelphia; there is a kind of a funky, small town feel to it. They have a weekly newspaper, called "The Spirit";  it’s the kind of newspaper that assumes you already know everybody in the neighborhood, that you are up on the local sports teams and that you are shamelessly proud of all the kids.
One of their regular contributors is Patty-Pat Kozlowski. Now, how great is that name? Well, Patty-Pat was assigned to cover the Brewer’s Plate Fundraiser for the Spirit. That’s the event we talked about earlier in the week.  I just wanted to share with you his front-page disclaimer, about why he needs to bring along his sidekick “Ginny Tonic” to help him review the event.

“Now, it’s a citywide known fact that when this writer drinks alcohol, my pants come off, I think I’m a rock and roll star, and this writer’s family ponies up bail money for the aftermath, so I stay away from beer, wine and hard liquor.  Also, as the recipient of gastric bypass surgery, my stomach isn’t what it used to be, so taste-testing my way through 15 Philly restaurant and brew pubs is just a faint memory.” 

That description is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize; you can see Patty-Pat in all of his glory and humor, sitting down and telling you his story.   By the way, he and Ginny Tonic had a fine time at the Brewer’s Plate.

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