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Last night was the Brewer’s Plate fundraiser in Philadelphia.  The group is working towards building a sustainable local food chain in the Philly region. Here’s a link to the White Dog Foundation  announcement: I’m linking to White Dog because they are movers and shakers in the local food movement and good people to know about.

My son, Curtis, and his gorgeous girlfriend Lauren were there last night, doing the right thing.  Sounds like they had a fine time!

Wow…Lauren and I just came back from the "Brewer’s Plate," in Reading Terminal Market.  It was amazing! Beer and fine foods paired with dedication and assurance.  We tried just about every beer they had to dish out, and inhaled the various appetizers from local bars and fine food restaurants.  To say the least it was a beer festival with great food, and to top it off it’s a big fundraiser for Fair Foods.  The brewer’s plate invited about 19 different brewery companies, and over 50 restaurants within 150 miles of Philly to donate their best. We walked out with our stomachs sticking out a little more, but it was okay because we came hungry and left full.

Pic1: Inside Reading Terminal
Pic2&3: The unbelievably long line to get inside
Pic4: BBQ pork, a shrimp salsa w/ chips, and a white bean with sugar snaps salad
Pic5&6: The set up. First you get your food and then you pare it with usually a choice of two different types of beer
Pic7: Lauren enjoying a spearmint chocolate. It actually tasted like spearmint.
Pic8: One for the homies!
Pic9: A time to sit down and enjoy some jambalaya, and a meatball with raisins or something.Pict_2_long_line_3

Pict1_reading_terminal_3 Pict3_long_line






Pict9_happy_laurenThanks Curtis!!!

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